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SHAN DONG JIN DU DA ZHAN Group Co., Ltd ,founded in 1985, specializes in the production and marketing of refractory materials, fine chemical industry.

To be a well-known enterprise in China and Asia, the group welcomes a team of professional managers who are loyal to country and group, are enterprising, proficient in competitive quality and skills, can stand at the leading edges of the competition and be familiar with international operation, also need senior management personnel sophisticated in operation and management and suitable for internationalization and excellent professionals in various business fields.

Excellent Management Team

Jindu Dazhan Group has an excellent management team, among whom some senior managers in enterprising spirits of “Innovative, Passionate, Responsible” aim to build an new enterprise with strong senses of responsibility and mission and strong market consciousness, competition consciousness and risk consciousness, cooperate and lead Jindu staffs to exploit and innovate, have achieved a glorious entrepreneurship, and become the stronger leadership core and powerful guarantee for the success of “Second Undertaking” of the group.

Powerful Talent Group

Since its inception, the group gathers a batch of intermediate and senior management personnel and various technicians loyal to Jindu, full of enthusiasm to career and high enterprising spirit and dedication spirit, and builds a group of younger talents with high quality, profound professional knowledge and rich practical experience, who are the backbone and valuable intelligent wealth for the sustainable and sound development of the group.

Talent Concept

The objective for talent development is to insist on the good interaction between “Human Capital Appreciation” and money capital or other factors of the enterprise, synchronously realize the individual values of staffs in the high-speed high-benefit development of the group, and really reflect the culture concept of “People-oriented”.

Talent Promotion Standard

In the principle of both ability and morality, the group takes the morality, knowledge, ability and achievement as standards for talent measurement, but not education background, professional title, seniority and status, and built a promotion system based on fair, competition and preferential and beneficial to talents to showing themselves and fully displaying abilities.


Jindu Dazhan Group Co., Ltd. focuses on training and career development of staffs, particularly on training and cultivation of professional managers and the business mainstay for the all-around improvement on the quality of high-level talents. The group has made a reserve and cultivation system for advanced talents and advanced talent standards, and enhances the cultivation of high-level and versatile talents step by step in a planning way through various position trainings and continuous education. On the basis of improvement on ideological and ethical standard, cultural and scientific quality and physical constitution of staffs, we stress on the ability development of staffs to learn and practice, strive for improving the innovation ability of the staffs, and devote to build a learning organization. We will continuously innovate in the system of enterprise culture construction, and make every effort to train talents by career, gather talents by environment, encourage talents by mechanism, and guarantee talents by system.