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SHAN DONG JIN DU DA ZHAN Group Co., Ltd ,founded in 1985, specializes in the production and marketing of refractory materials, fine chemical industry.



  Company of group of industry diversification and rationalization, and to enter the military enterprise. International Trade and modern logistics industry bigger and bigger, was named one of the most competitive ten traders China; Beijing new downtown exhibition culture development limited company, catering business, painting and calligraphy exhibition, aviation flight simulation training in one, including aviation flight simulation training center, has built a national youth aviation knowledge of popular science education base, as the capital of a comprehensive strong cultural industry.
  Beijing Blue Sky Aviation Science and technology limited company of gold "is a set of airborne electronic equipment development and flight simulation, production, service as one of the high-tech enterprises, with the" national defense weapons and equipment research and production license, enterprise and national level two meters units "and other qualifications, quality control of the whole process of design, development, and production to sales and service in one of the.